Not every shred of obscure details about an operating system can be found simply by scavenging for builds! Sometimes, the really cool stuff can only be found in certain videos.

Microsoft MultiMedia Encyclopedia (Windows 1.x)
Raw news footage displaying some perhaps unexpected capabilities of the regularly trivialized Windows 1.x graphical environment
The Daily Cycle of Windows NT 5.0
Windows NT 5.0 development process showcase from Microsoft in 1998
Windows/386 Internal Microsoft Skit
A cheesy James Bond/Mission Impossible skit showing off the multitasking capabilities of Windows/386 (Windows 2.1x)
Windows 98 Crash at COMDEX 98
The infamous BSOD from a late Windows 98 prerelease build with Bill Gates
Awesome Computers!
From a demonstration of the Windows 98 OEM Preinstallation Kit
Windows Then - Steve Ballmer, 1986
The infamous Windows 1.x internal "commercial" that established Steve Ballmer as the crazy guy he is, finally available in higher quality
Windows 98: The Daily Test Cycle
Another video from Microsoft showcasing the testing procedure of Windows 98, similar to NT 5.0's process
MS-DOS 5 Upgrade Rap
A rap music video provided to software retailers to sell the MS-DOS 5 upgrade
Windows 95 Genuine Animation
An animated clip promoting genuine Microsoft software
Windows Nashville Build 999 Overview
A brief look at Nashville and its distinguishing features
Scrapped Files from the Windows 95 Startup Disk
Some files that were previously intended to be in a Windows 95 emergency boot disk, but were cut out
Blue OS Museum Five Year Anniversary Animation
An animation created by Kugee commemorating the fifth anniversary of this project

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