eMonster 500
500MHz Pentium III computer marketed as the world's best gaming machine
eMonster 500a
Slightly different 500MHz Pentium III computer
eMonster 550
550MHz variant of the eMonster, also includes a giant "eWare" toolbar
eMonster 550r
Supposedly an updated model that uses the Coppermine version of the 550MHz Pentium III
eMonster 600
600MHz version of the eMonster
eMonster 800
800MHz eMonster with Windows ME
eTower 300
A general-purpose eMachines tower computer with a 300MHz Celeron
eTower 366c/333cs/350c
Faster eTower models, appears to include software for what could be an ISP
eTower 566i
566MHz Celeron eTower
eTower 600is
eTower model with Windows ME
eTower 667ir
Includes a number of graphics programs
eTower 700id
700MHz Celeron eTower
An eMachines laptop with an AMD Athlon 2800+

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