Armada 7400/7800
Laptops powered by a Pentium II processor
Armada E500
Early Pentium III laptop
Presario 700
A laptop with slightly similar branding to the Compaq Presario 5000 series
Presario 5000
A highly ubiquitous Pentium III/Celeron-based computer from 2000
Presario v5000
Unrelated to the Compaq Presario 5000, this is a later post-merge laptop
Presario 5440/5441/5460/5465/5451
A so-called "Internet PC"
Presario 5610/5612/5630/5635
A Presario model bundled with Windows 98 (First Edition)
Presario 7000T
Includes FrontPage Express, a program that was otherwise canned in Windows 98SE

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