Windows 3.0
Official release date May 22, 1990

Windows 3.0 was the first popular version of Windows, consolidating the 286 and 386 versions of Windows into one package. It was considerably more robust than its predecessor, it made better use of VGA, and it finally added support for variable width fonts. What really distinguishes Windows 3 from its predecessors, though, is the Program Manager and its complementary File Manager, which replace the hardly useful MS-DOS Executive.

Windows 3.0 is also the last version of Windows to be able to run in real mode - that is, on am IBM PC XT.

A very early build of Windows 3.0 from 1989, looks too much like Windows 2.0
Prerelease from January 1990, taking proper form
Release Candidate 6 of Windows 3.0, much closer to the final build
Stripped down version of Windows 3.0 for PC World subscribers
The first build made available to end users
An enhancement of Windows 3.0 released in 1991, designed to make use of sound cards
Special version of Windows 3.0 made for the IBM PS/55 in the Japanese market

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