Whistler 2223

Author: Blue Horizon

This is the last Whistler build of the "Pre-Beta" era. It also introduces more features than the previous builds combined.


The desktop looks the same like last build. No change here.


The start menu has been slightly changed. It now says "Whistler 2001" on the side and the icons for "Log Off" and "Turn Off Computer" are changed.


Huh? Windows Neptune? But this is Whister! Actually to be fair, Microsoft did merge Neptune and another lost project called "Oddysey" to make Whistler.


Taskbar buttons have been slightly changed as well. They now have a more sleek and flat look and a glow to it.


There is now a new logon screen! You can have multiple users on this page from what I imagine. Useful if you share the same computer with another person.


Shutting down Whistler. Clicking shutdown from the start menu brings up this redesigned dialog box. Pressing Alt+F4 on the desktop does the same thing. What's odd is that clicking "Turn Off" actually just hibernates the computer. Pretty confusing if you ask me, and this problem also exists in Windows Vista similarly.

Author: gv3u

This build has a theme called "Business" that is like watercolor, but there is no known method to activate the theme.

Source: https://www.betaarchive.com/wiki/index.php?title=Windows:Visual_Styles:Watercolor

EDIT: some madman has made it work, see video below


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