Whistler 2202

Author: Blue Horizon

Recently, after getting my hands on a 4 TB hard drive, I finally have the confidence to install lots of OSes.

These GUI Galleries are inspired from Nathan Lineback's GUI Gallery.

We're gonna take a look at nearly (if not) all of the Whistler builds, and compare them from the previous build. In this case, we're comparing this build to the RTM of Windows 2000.


The desktop is the same as in Windows 2000 other than the watermark, no change here.


Some people believe this build is a post RTM build, others think it's the first Whistler build. But as you can see from this printer drivers dialog box, it says "Windows 2001" as one of the drivers. So I believe this is a Whistler build.


I just happened to come across this. Apparently Media Player has an "Advanced" tab for videos showing you buffer info and slaving info.


There's a new .sys file in System32. Not too interesting but what's more funny is that MS spelled "Resource" wrong. One of the first Microsoft typos probably.


And speaking of typos... We'll to be fair it isn't a typo, but it's odd seeing two characters missing.

Author: gv3u

An interesting thing to note is the "SD" stands for "Source Depot," a new code system. This build was probably compiled to test that system. (and is probably also an early work of Whistler due to the Windows 2001 files)

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