Windows Nashville Build 999 Overview

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Nashville is a Microsoft project that would have essentially been the shell of a new version of Windows that was more "web-like". This video was created on February 18th, 2019 and calls Nashville a stopgap between Windows 95 and Memphis. New information that's surfaced since this video's creation may point to the contrary; integrating the web into the desktop may have been the intended destination from the beginning, just months after Windows 95 launched.

The project wasn't working out as planned, so a new version of Windows 95 was released for OEMs that specifically focused on supporting newer hardware. With it came Internet Explorer 3, which some of Nashville's components folded into. Some of the files inside Windows 95 OSR2 and/or Internet Explorer 3 still make references to Athena, the PIM which was inteded to be a key component of Nashville.

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