Blue OS Museum Five Year Anniversary Animation

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Rendered by Kugee himself, this has likely been the most notable year for this site to date - even though not much in the way of reviewing builds occurred at all. What did happen however was the groundbreaking discovery and preservation of the Windows 95 Launch Event featuring Bill Gates and Jay Leno in an hour and a half long presentation filled with poorly aged jokes and played out like a Microsoft-themed circus, including an elusive Doom deathmatch that's barely mentioned by Jay. At the end of the tape, a beautiful Windows 95 animation used throughout the event was shown at the end in full view. We ended up loving it so much in our initial private viewing of the tape that I suggested later on that the animation be based off of that.

The clouds time-lapse in the background was all recorded by Kugee himself, and the recreated animation was first conceptualized in an upcoming segment of his Windows 95 series.

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